Food Adjustments, Textures, and Taste Issues

Here’s an example, of how someone with sensory issues who may be fine with food one second can’t adjust to it at a different time. Let me add, this also, can support that more people with PSD have symptoms like those with it then who otherwise wouldn’t think they have it. Or anyone would think. For example people who are lactose intolerant. They always weren’t that way. But yet, now they really are. 

 Let me tell you a brief story to support this. Last summer, I drank a lot of raspberry and peach mega smoothies with no dairy or sugar besides the sugar from the fruit that was natural. (which I’m fine with). It also had in them an add in or or two. Usually just 1 though which was unflavored and protein powder not in soy form. Sometimes I had them add fiber two. Anyway, I loved them. Over the fall and winter I avoided them because those fruits aren’t ripe from where I live during that time of year, plus they were cold and when it’s freezing in NY. Well, that just doesn’t make sense now. Does it? This spring, although I knew it was early for peach and raspberry season. I was dying to eat something else and get some diversity in my meal for once. (There filling enough for a meal if they have enough protein, their huge) so I ordered one at my favorite and only smoothie shop.

When I tried it for the first time again. My brain didn’t register the peach or raspberry and quite honestly my brain questioned if the shop attendant prepped it wrong. Trying to think what it tasted like. I already checked and saw them somewhat make it and it looked like it always had. This pinkish red color. That’s the only type of smoothie I order there due to my issues. And the attendants know there for the most part I always order the same thing. I just alter the size, protein quantity, and sometimes add a fiber blast add in. I quickly realized between my absence from it, sensory taste issues, and maybe slightly that it wasn’t in season yet (but, I’m not certain on atleast that last one). That I just needed to get use to it again. And then everything would be just fine if not, GREAT again.

Now obviously,  you may not have a smoothie king the name of the exclusive small NYC smoothie shop near you. However, you may have a blender. Or buy peanut butter. Similar issues can occur with homemade smoothies or nut or peanut butter consistencies too. I can drink apple juice. (I try not too now, but, I can, no problem) even if it’s made with Granny Smiths which I find too bitter. If anyone makes me a homemade Granny Smith juice blending it in a blender with maybe just water or ice. I can’t have it. Now if you add only red delicious apples too that juice now in the blender. I still can’t have it. Yet, I’ll have an organic red delicious any day.

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