How to Comment, how not too, and Notes.

I get a lot more comments then you see. The ones you see for the most part follow the ALLOWED criteria. And apparently, some of you need a little more guidance on how to post, and when. Will also review formatting now. 

Let’s start with the formatting, shall we? 

 1. Even now I have little control over the color of my backround color. I have obviously a selection of color font options I may use. But, I’m mostly sticking to this one unless you all hate it with great reason. So if it’s hard for you sensory wise, here are some alternative options. 

A. If you click on the continue reading option-the wording will become the grey I have set it too. IF you prefer bolder, and black font and you see grey click READ MORE after hitting your back browser arrow.

First let’s review what’s allowed in comments, besides the obvious. Remember, for Aspies, a lot less, often, is obvious. 

Questions RELATED to the post or something very close to it.  If it may not be obvious to others on if or why it’s related to the post. Try to clearly state why. In a question form is okay, at times. 

Answers to questions the post may ask or question, however, try to do it tastefully please.  And clearly. 

Websites- that aren’t relevant to the posts or blog. But, don’t say the website link IS relevant, if it isn’t. 

Comments with minor spelling or grammar issues. I’m dyslexic, ect. So, I’m understanding regarding this. 

Using a translating keyboard or service to help you comment in modern English! 

What isn’t allowed,  


Comments written in any language other then a modern version of English. Sorry, old English is just not my thing! 

   As much as I encourage and love an international audience- I’m not translating for you, or myself, on this blog. 

   Especially, no Japanese, Chinese, or Korean!  And yes, I’ve had atleast one! 

Comments with terrible GRAMMAR, spelling, or organization. If most people can’t understand it, because of this, I won’t post it NOW. And therefore, I can’t reply to it. 

Calling me a dude, I mean really!? 

Please NOTE- some important details.  

Pages which are on the top of each and every post, are crucial or especially important posts, I encourage all or most of you to read them atleast once. However,  every PAGE,  I’ve set to write will be unable to get comments. 

   I will be making more PAGES in the future as well. 

   This may include, if I make a page a post as well. I may not allow comments on it. Every post, other then that- ( Except maybe ones that have copied e-mails posted in them) will be allowed comments. 

  Since Aspies are curious in nature, I can say anouther difference between a post and a page is that PAGES are stagnant. So, only posts I can re-order. 

 I may, add to this page in the future. 

 I’ll post another PAGE in the future saying how to e-mail me on my mailing list. That I’ll send via e-mail, as well.  It will be more detailed then the “Why to sign up for my newsletter” post. That’s already live.