Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

My top Sensory/PSD/ASD book is called, “Inside Asperger’s Looking Out”  but, can you guess from my last two book recommendations from my other blog who is the author of this book? If you guessed Kathy Hoopman, you’re right! Your so smart ! If not, no worries! 

    This is great for all ages and types of people. Except maybe your boss,  co-workers, or future potential employers.  This is a MUST read for anyone who is considering to accept they have it, to friends and family that support them.  To dates and boyfriends to help them get you in a POSITIVE but, realistic manner.  This book, along with the listed one below, are great at explaining what you have to other’s. I honestly, don’t understand, why it’s not a Bestseller like Kathy Hoopman’s,  “All Cat’s Have Asperger’s” book. These two are the ONLY ASD books, I bring on 1 of my first couple dates, so we can read them together, or I’ll read it to the guy. There always a big hit with everyone who I tell this too! Who share with me or a group what they think after buying it. And I’ve shared these recommendations to many others as well.   I only have 1 more ASD essential reading book to recommend that is of a generally considered broad ASD topic in my mind. I’ll share that one next month. Likely, on my other blog. 


    Please share like always, in the comments section what you think of any of my book recommendations, how they helped you, or anyone you bought any for. ( With there permission, off course! ) I’d love to hear about it! And I’m sure I’m not the only one.  However, please make sure if you comment after a post.  Make sure the book(s) you comment in,  are for the same diagnostic population as those the book was initially made for.   Thanks!


  Enjoy it! Take care. 

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