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Updated August 17th, 2014                                  April 13, 2014

Dear Reader, 

I have studied numerous ingredients in literally hundreds of skin, hair, and home cleaning products and along with some merchandise, for the same. In nearly every other category, I am very well versed in sensory issues. Sleep aids, bedding, eye wear, waterproof wear, bug free solutions, clothing, food, hair products, skin products, and even many intimate tools types, like condom’s. I have tried nearly all the skin and hair products out there for sensitive skin. And sometimes, even took notes on my experiences with them. I interact daily with others with high functioning to significant and moderately impaired folks with disabilities. Or how I prefer to think of it, the differently abled community. And have been for years now.

I promise you my advice never only comes from my experiences with them. However, in some cases. That should be enough. I’ve read numerous reviews on some of the merchandise. And have thouroughly searched online and off for the best prices on the recommended products. This is NOT the only methods or places my research comes from.

If you aren’t here due to ASD, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder or the like) effecting you or those you care about please note some of  the posts are more relevant to your situation, then others. I sincerely hope atleast some of you respond to my posts and let me know what you think, and how the info. helps you. If at all. If you take action with my advice, it will help you lead a healthier, and happier life. I strive off action and deeply appreciate constructive criticism, when needed.

About criticism. Due to being a Disability Advocate I can and often due handle criticism carefully/ wisely. However, I shouldn’t have to. Just because, I understand intent of ASD ( Autistic Spectrum Disorder) people better then most, I’d ideally prefer to hear more appropriate comments/ criticism’s. So, if you need help wording any constructive criticism, please get that BEFORE sharing it with the world. Even though, this blog is written in aspie tongue as much as possible, it certainly didn’t have to be. I did it deliberately for my widest audience to comprehend, like I said. I wrote with an ASD adult in mind. Despite any diagnose they may or may not have. More specifically, a high functioning ASD adult community. With that said, if you seriously want to send me feedback and aren’t sure if commenting after a post would be appropriate. You may sign up to my e-mail sensory group and then you may e-mail me whatever feedback you have privately.

If you want more from me then what these posts include. Please sign up for my Newsletter. To do this, send me an e-mail to with the subject saying, atleast Sensory Solution’s sign up.  Please say in the body of the E- mail atleast your first name, a working e-mail address. If your 1. Someone with a MCS, PSD, or similar issue (And if you would, your diagnosis or suspected one) 2- a caregiver, 3-close friend of someone with any related or exact condition, 4- family member, 5-lover, 6- professional interested in it (If you are a professional in the special needs field, I’d love if you told me what type of professional), 7 -other.  

 And you’ll be connected to knowing everything up to date about Alexandrea in the sensory world of what, links she recommends and why, and other time sensitive info. Also, if you wish to contact me, I encourage that too, via e-mail after signing up.

Thanks for reading !

Your Sensory Advocate,


PS. If that e-mail gets uncontrollable amounts of spam, I’ll take the address down and likely delete that mailbox. Please, don’t ruin access to me, for everyone.