Kayla Carter on Super Human, Episode 1

Kayla performs third on Super Human within the first 24 mins of Episode 1, of the show  Super Human which airs on Mondays at 9 pm EST on Fox. The skills needed in her challenge are mostly some of the main challenges/weaknesses of those with a Sensory Processing Disorder. Explained buy the neuroscientist, neurosurgeon and judge on the show only if you watch the first episode.


You can watch now all FOX shows online for free on Fox NOW whenever you want after the show airs.    Copy and paste this url into your browser to access the shows website to watch the first episode of this show that aired last Monday.  With commercials it’s nearly 45 minutes in it’s entirety.  But, watching just the first 24 mins and then the last 4 minutes to see who wins works too.




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