Randall said he came to Florida to "see alligators." W. D. "Bo" Randall … Randall Made knives – particularly the older and non-catalog models – are prized among collectors because Bo Randall was an incredibly important figure in knife history and his knives are part of the foundation for knives … The value of a Randall generally increases and there’s a ton of history to Randall Made Knives. Randall Knives … "For, as warriors and metallurgists have known for centuries, a really superb blade can be created only by painstaking, tedious and at some stages dangerous hand craftsmanship.". He began selling them informally in the years leading up to … I BUY Randall Knives … This site is dedicated to the collecting of Randall Made Knives. . The same thing happened the next time and the next time and the next time. Outstanding Randall Model 14 Attack CDT stag handle, double brass hilt, throng hole, original leather sheath with sharpener. Cutlery Hall of Fame member William "Bo" Randall founded Randall Made Knives (www.randallknives.com) in 1938. 1955 - Pages From The Marine Corp Testing Documents, 1955 - Modern Man - The Bloodiest Blade Ever Made, 1964 - Skin Diver - Thoroughbred With An Edge, 1967 - Gun World - Tommy Bish: For Want OF A Knife, 1967 - Popular Mechanics - Knives For Astronauts, 1975 - American Blade - Bo Randall, Custom Knife Maker, 1980 - American Blade - A Randall Made Knife, 1982 - Americana Magazine - Keen Blades, Perfect Balance, 1985 - Soldier of Fortune - 40 Years Of Battle Blades, 1987 - Knives Illustrated - Bo Randall, The Man And The Knives, 1988 - Peterson's Knives - 50 Years Of Randall Knives, 1988 - Orlando Sentinal - A Craftsman First, 1990 - Fighting Knives - Bo Randall: A Legend & A Friend, 1992 - Edges - The Lost Treasures Of Bo Randall, 1992 - Knife World - A Knife Called Tom Fuller, 1993 - Knives Illustrated - Portrait Of A Legend, 1993 - Blade - Randall Knives, The Untold Stories, 1994 - Blade - The First Stainless Steel Carver, 1994 - Blade - The Final Word On Handle Spacers, 1994 - Blade - How To Ensure It's An Authentic Randall, 1995 - Blade - Dating Randall Knives Is No Snap, 1996 - Blade - Cutlery's First Media Darling, 1997 - Blade - The Randall - Melchior Connection, 2001 - Blade - R.A.M. SIZE: Blade 7 1/2" overall 12 1/2". The Pathfinder, Model #26, 2005 - Blade - R.A.M. Star Flight Thrower, 2004 - Blade - Randall - Zacharias Fighter, 2004 - Blade - R.A.M. 1953 - True, The Men's Magazine - How Do You Make A Perfect Knife? Randall Made Knives . Randall, 80, of 1000 Holden Ave. in Orlando, was born in … Randall knives are 100% hand made and no two are exactly alike. Get them while they are hot! Randall knives are 100% hand made and no two are exactly alike. Bo Randall (September 27, 1909 – December 25, 1989) was an American knifemaker who founded Randall Made Knives in Orlando, Florida He was a Protestant. No two Randall Made™ knives are exactly alike, for no jigs or... Back to top. Model #7 Fisherman & Hunter. Randall Made Knives are custom-designed for many uses. Rarely handles and lives a life in a display case. Shown here are the RKS4 club knives, made by Randall Made Knives for the Randall Knife Society. 2002 - Knife Forums - Dating Snaps & Stones, 2002 - Blade - R.A.M. Randall found he could sell his knives as fast as he could make them. Although Randall, developed his own style, if … This Randall Made Miniature Knife is in perfect condition. As Randall repeatedly states on their website and in the catalog, Randall Made knives are designed to be used! A place where EVERYBODY is welcome to join in on the discussion of Randall Made knives You are not logged in. Gary Francis Powers' Knife. By 1964 he and a crew of eight were producing Randall Made Knives from an obscure little factory in southeast Orlando. Own a piece of history! Pete Hamilton's Favorite Knives, 2004 - Blade - R.A.M. W. D. "Bo" Randall … The models shown have been developed since the late 1930's from their personal experiences, extensive research and the study of hundreds of … Randall's knives are displayed in the Smithsonian Institution and in the Museum of Special Warfare at Fort Bragg, N.C. One also was displayed in Moscow as part of the equipment carried by U.S. pilot Francis Gary Powers when his spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960. He took an old piece of metal, a few tools and 20 hours of labor and turned it into a 6-inch hunting knife with a staghorn handle. Model 2-6" "Fighting Stiletto" Randall Made Knives $715.00 More … I just posted 20 knives and 25 sheaths to the website. RANDALL MADE KNIVES 4857 South Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, Florida 32839 See Map Phone – 407.855.8075 Fax – 407.855.9054 *Hours subject to change please call ahead, click below for more … This has never been used or sharpened. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... RANDALL MADE KNIVES MODEL 5-6” MAROON MICARTA FINGER GRIPS COMPASS NEW FROM SHOP. Bo Randall founded a small knife shop in Orlando, Fl. “Bo” Randall started making knives in 1937 as a hobby. I will be keeping it current! The first hunting trip he went on, his partner talked him out of it. Get the best deals on Randall Knives when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Gary Randall, the present owner, took over from … 4-1/2” tool steel blade. Order for $39.95. Said Harper's Magazine years ago: "Each Randall blade is . The story of Randall Knives is one you may have heard before. Lift The Dot Mystery, 2001 - Blade - R.A.M. Vietnam Model #18's, 2003 - Blade - R.A.M. Demand is so great for all models that there is typically a wait of a few years to deliver a new knife ordered from Randall. 17 watching. The Continents Set - Leschorn, 2004 - Lame d'autore - La Laggendda, Vivente, 2005 - Lame d'autore - Le Suggestioni Di Rick, 2007 - Blade - R.A.M. At Randall Knives, everything is done by hand and nearly all under the same roof in the company's Orlando … $15.05 shipping. The knife making shop and … 1987 - Knives Illustrated - Bo Randall, The Man And The Knives; 1987 - Blade - Cutlery Classics; 1988 - Peterson's Knives - 50 Years Of Randall Knives; 1988 - Orlando Sentinal - A Craftsman First; 1988 - Blade - 50 Years Of Knife Making; 1988 - Edges - The Randall Legacy; 1990 - Fighting Knives - Bo Randall… The Original Astronaut Knives, 2001 - Blade - R.A.M. Randall … Background and qualities of Randall knives. Brass hilt. W.D. Apparantly it was one … so clearly there is still a market for the older Randalls, at least. Stag handle. Sold out. Bo Randall w/ his knives, courtesy of Worthpoint. James Jones Randall Knife, 2003 - Knife World - The 20th Century Bowie Knife, 2004 - Blade - R.A.M. Randall Made Knives, usually referred to as Randall, is an American custom handcrafted knife manufacturer founded by Walter Doane "Bo" Randall, Jr. in the U.S. Bo Randall, is/was a Legend among Forging Knifemakers, even today. Sullivan sheath. Requests began pouring in from Alaska, Africa and other points on the globe. . Randall Made Knives $665.00 More details. Maybe it was made … His son and grandson continued the tradition with the assistance of about 20 more craftsmen, eventually turning out about 8,000 knives per year. Randall Made Knives . Made around 2010 CONDITION: Pristine NOTE: Orders from 'Randall made Knives… made of the best high-carbon steel, forged, ground, tempered and fitted to the hilt entirely by hand. Randall, 80, of 1000 Holden Ave. in Orlando, was born in Cincinnati and moved to Orlando from Hamilton, Ohio, in 1916. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. The knife-collector's bible, American Knives, made many references to Randall as the world's greatest blade maker. Garden Chapel Home for Funerals in Orlando is handling arrangements. Demand is so great for all models that there is typically a wait of a few years to deliver a new knife ordered from Randall. It all started 53 years ago when he saw a Scagle knife, then the Steinway of hunting knives. Florida passes 100,000 coronavirus cases as deaths rise to 3,173, Disney World announces more reopening dates for its hotels, 2 new solar farms to deliver power to 6 Florida cities, including Orlando and Kissimmee. Mr. Randall made knives as a hobby at first, but the hobby soon evolved into a premier … Randall Made Knife For Sale. 2001 - Knife World - Model #15 & The U.S.M.C. © Copyright 2019   |   Randall Made Knives   |   All Rights Reserved, 1943 - The Miami Herald - One Man Knife Industry, 1943 - Danville VA Newspaper - On Man War Plant, 1944 - Science & Mechanics - Knives For Fighters, 1952 - The Fighting Knife - Randall Made Knives, 1952 - Popular Mechanics - Custom Make Your Hunting Knife. Survivors include his wife, Ruth B.; son, Gary T., Orlando; daughters, Doane Webster, Longwood, Patty Baker, Orlando; brother, Donald T., Palm Beach; 10 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. The top knife has a stag handle and nickel silver double hilt. www.randallmadeknife.com. Brass butt cap. He became a citrus grower and was active in the YMCA, Orlando Humane Society and hunting groups. But, Bo Randall saw the value in doing things the right way, even if it took longer. The company's factory is located in Orlando, Florida & was founded by Walter Doane "Bo" Randall, Jr. in 1937. He began, like many later custom knife makers, by making a knife … The Knife That Started It All, 2004 - Blade - R.A.M. Unfortunately the whereabouts of the Randall Model #1 owned by President Reagan (then Captain) that was purchased directly from Bo Randall during WWII is unknown. Thong hole. The Model 1 is offered with blades of 5", 6", 7" and 8". In 1937 after purchasing a handmade William Scagel knife from a man he met in passing. He was mentored, by an old man in his area up North by the name of Scagel. “Bo” Randall saw a man using a knife to scrape the paint from a boat on the … Just FYI a Bo Randall made Bowie just sold yesterday on a popular website in Arizona for $22k. They are in high demand and limited production and will … randallmadeknife.com This site is dedicated to the collecting of Randall Made Knives. I have not had much there in a while, no excuses. Large-scale commercial production with this kind of attention to detail is not feasible and that's why knives of this unique quality are not widely available. The blade is hollow ground with a 20 degree micro bevel cutting edge. You are looking at a unique Randall … ... Randall Made Knives Model # 14-7/2" "ATTACK." He quickly learned to hand-make high-quality forged knives for various outdoor uses. Model 2-6" "Fighting Stiletto" Randall Made Knives $710.00 More details. Red, White & Blue spacers. For sport, hunting, or military use, these legendary custom-made knives have been hand-crafted by the Randall family in Orlando, Florida since 1938.

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