Movie- “Toxic Hot Seat!”

Would you like to lower your immunities? Or would you rather decrease, or prevent exposure to some, very dangerous, toxins? And EVERYONE else’s exposure, around you? Still with me?   Awesome! If you have Pyloria, MCS, or Sick Building Syndrome this could SAVE YOUR LIFE! But, people with impaired sensory defenses (Translation, with PSD), can also be especially, effected buy these chemicals/ toxic exposures. With that said, this effects EVERYONE.  Now go here, hereand then here.   


Then, if you figure out how to access this movie, possibly, before ME. Please do us ALL A FAVOR and share it in the COMMENTS section, ASAP.  Two of those links have MUST SEE trailers’.  If your setting up a showing near you (Even if I don’t live near you, other blog readers might.) if you know when it will be on HBO, or sold ANYWHERE, legally.  Even if it’s internationally. Although many of my readers are likely, US citizens.  PLEASE SHARE. Better yet, if you live somewhere with enough interest where you can access a showing venue. Set one UP! People will LOVE YOU for IT! And think about how good that would make you feel! Not to mention the free showing access for at least yourself! 


   Go! You can thank me, later! 

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