Neurological and Environmental Toxins. *

Neurological issues and environmental effects from toxins have been studied for over 33 years. Here’s proof. (if your interested, I was 1 yrs old for the first conference) in the US on neurotoxicity. See the history of them here.   Download (No need to save)  and then look at pg 1-5. I promise it’s very easy to understand and not at all overwhelming.  I have added 1 paragraph on May 14th to the very bottom of this post ONLy. 

MCS however, has much more recently become a known and somewhat accepted diagnosis. Thanks (Unfortunately, in part due too the 911 tragedy in NYC) and the effected war veterans coming back from overseas.  There are people who obviously get it outside of those times/ experiences. However, they seam to be, very possibly, the minority. 

The first movie I recommend is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Life Altering Condition (go here watch thito access to versions and the digital documented versions of them)to you shows mostly MCS individuals who got it in one of those environments initially. The second is called, 

Homesick: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.     

Which highlights those with it who got it from other means. The first movie,(Regardless of which length you choose) has any where from a couple to atleast a few professionals who work for those with MCS. Some of the professionals with it have it also, but, not most. The Homesick movie shows 1 researcher, and no other professionals. How better to learn about a condition then through those who live with it day in and day out?  Also, the 2nd movie highlights how architecture and where you live can make a difference. 

  The first movie highlights more how fragrances effect those with this moderate to severe allergic or environmental MCS reaction to chemicals.  If you have the time, I’d watch the full 1 hr and 10 minute version. Even if you have to watch it broken up in smaller timed chunks. When I did this I hit pause/ stop. Then I’d go do my laundry or cook dinner and then came back too it not to much later. I did NOT close my browser and stop it. If your watching the free version of this I don’t recommend closing the window and coming back to it, anouther day for example.  I only watched the free version thus far. If you can’t, watch the shorter version (I haven’t seen those yet). / read the digital documents. Reviewing with the documents after watching any version of the video, can also be useful too.

    I don’t have MCS, but, I’m very glad I saw the videos I have. 

    Newer ad to this post – the 911 movies good but, I like the top two above much better. The 911 one is free and can be found on utube/ or the first MCS movie link page above. I saw it a couple weeks ago. But, just now decided to add here. 


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