The Walt Disney Company, as one of the largest media corporations in the world, has been the subject of a wide variety of criticisms of its business practices, executives, and content.Walt Disney Studios has been criticised for including stereotypical portrayal of non … Maybe some of them are featured in our list of 15 Shocking Subliminal Messages in Disney Movies. But after listening to it again and again it really does sound like “take off your clothes.” Some people claim it’s even in a different voice. An image of a naked woman appears in the background as Bianca and Bernard speed by, resulting in your mom never allowing you to watch the movie again. They’ll go frame by frame, and they’ll pull those questionable things out all the time. The animator went on to explain that when there was a reedition of the movie, a lot of the original executives who produced the video tape were gone. A rumor got started that a disgruntled Disney employee who was in charge of drawing the castle was going be laid off once the assignment was completed. In a scene a grown up Simba walks over to a cliff and then flops downs on his stomach. As the couple approach the Bishop it seems that he gets aroused for a moment. If you think that cartoons are for kids, you couldn’t be more wrong, because behind all the princesses and talking animals there are important social issues that are hidden. The whole joke is that the Bishop is a very short man in really baggy robes. A 33rd degree Freemason Illuminati. The animator says, "It doesn’t say 'sex.' Not knowing about the naked image, the new executives used the original negative from 1977 in the reedition. Take off. A Woman Tried Pushing Out Poop and Ended Up Giving Birth, James Harden Is Chucking Balls At Teammates and Starting Fights to Get Traded, Lil Wayne Releases Remix of Jack Harlow's Track "Tyler Herro", Instagram Model Makes $1 Million Using British Accent to Talk Dirty, The 5 Most Debunked Dick Enlargement Strategies, She Used Instagram to Slide Into A College Guy's DMs and Hook Up, Free Money? In Hercules, while the Muses are singing “Zero to Hero” the robe of one Muses flies up as she sings “is he bold!” Again Disney put in a female character that doesn’t like to wear underwear. This was before everyone had the internet, but they did have VHS players that had the ability to rewind. Whether it's Sid's suspected appearance in "Toy Story 3" or Rapunzel showing up in "Frozen," Disney films are full of easter eggs. You care. What appears to happen: Most Americans Will Get Another $600 in Coronavirus Relief from Uncle Sam. Los mensajes subliminales son breves palabras, imágenes o sonidos que están diseñados para ser recogidos por el subconciente de la mente. Some of the most famous examples of subliminal messages in Disney movies are from the classics that everyone recognizes including The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Ethereal Beauty – Become Extremely Beautiful – Subliminal Messages . And people are just seeing what they want to see.". MMA Fighter Ben Askren Announces He Will Fight Jake Paul in March! "The joke was he’s a little man standing on a box and his robes, his big bishop robes, are draped over everything so they’re covering his whole body. Scat. What appears to happen: Of course, the messages that are sexual in nature get the most attention. This action sends a cloud of dust up into the air to then dissipate. Go! It made lots of money in theaters and even more money when it came out on video. Aladdin tries to shoo the tiger away with his turban as Jasmine looks out to see what is going on. Later editions of "Roger Rabbit" were reportedly digitally altered to give Mrs. Rabbit appropriate coverage. Disney is well known for slipping in the odd subliminal message into their cartoons. It's just a shout out to the special effects department. Sorry, you can’t unsee it when you’ve seen it. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Share on Twitter. "You know in pre-video and pre-VHS and VCR and stuff, people used to put little inside jokes in films because things were running at 1/24 of a second," said Sito. ", When asked if he'd share any other inside jokes or hidden sexual humor, Sito laughed. "So you say, 'Well, nobody’s seeing anything.’ ... And then so [cartoonists] will do that as a joke. You probably have your favorite Disney films, characters, songs, and scenes. Minnie’s dress looks just a penis and with Mickey’s hand hugging her the whole thing looks wrong.