Each of the 38 lessons includes a theme, classroom activity, discussion ideas, and takeaway points. enemypiefree_merged (1).pdf. If you have the book Enemy Pie, you MUST get this printable pack to accompany this mentor text! b. Questions and Activities PRE-READING ACTIVITIES Give students strips of paper and ask them to write what they would put in an enemy pie. 2. Who is involved? Initially authored by Dr. Daniel Price, a licensed clinical psychologist, the curriculum has undergone revisions by grade level teachers since 2001, and modified to include activities that are fun and educational at the same time. It looked good enough to eat! Look closely at the cover of the book. What kinds of things—disgusting things—would I put into a pie for an enemy? Name the conflict. Topics For Discussion: Ask students what an “enemy” is and how an enemy might act. Enemy Pie shouldn’t smell this good. Enemy Pie Activities Friend Activities First Grade Activities Book Activities First Grade Writing 2nd Grade Reading Guided Reading Teaching Reading Counseling Crafts. EnemyPie.pdf. The first time I read the book to my class, I was hooked. I went in to ask what was wrong. I really hope this is something you can use with your class, for Enemy Pie or maybe just a basic friendship writing prompt activity! But still. “Enemy Pie is the fastest known way to get rid of enemies.” Now, of course, this got my mind working. I’m sharing this file for free like so many of my others, but I am linking it on my NEW (yay!) 2. I brought Dad some weeds from the garden, but he just shook his head. The Enemy Pie printable extension activities for educators provides project based lessons for whole, small or independent learning groups. I used them all week with whole group, small group, centers, and for individual assignments. And if you have an activity or lesson plan you’d like to submit, please let us know. But Dad was smart. a. He pulled the pie out of the oven. “If Enemy Pie smelled bad, your enemy would never eat it,” he said. There's 22 pages of reading, writing, and grammar activities! Give an example of a situation that involves an enemy. Saved by Darniele Scarpinato. Enemy Pie - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. I wasn’t sure how Enemy Pie worked. The boys are enemies and the main character (not named) does not like that Jeremy, the new boy, is invading his territory. Enemy Pie by Derek Munson By Emily Gallmeyer 30/30 1. What exactly did it do to enemies? Maybe it made their hair fall out. Through these activities students will explore ways to deepen their content knowledge while making connections to the text. Have students read the strips aloud and then put them in a pie plate. Thanks to the collective work of many thoughtful and generous teachers, we have compiled a list of tons of resources to use with the book Enemy Pie. TEACHERS ACTIVITIES Theme: Making a friend requires time and effort…and sometimes we find friends where we least expect them! Each time I read it I … It is an interpersonal conflict with a conflict of needs. I brought … Lots of fun ideas out there. What does enemy mean? Teacher’s Notebook Shop: I would love to … I'm not sure if it was the adorable illustrations, the clever storyline, or how relatable the story is, but it was a book that I incorporated into my classroom every single year! 3. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Enemy pie, Enemy pie school event activity packet, A teachers guide, Questions and activities, Enemy pie, The book on pie everything you need to know to bake, Enemy pie, Enemy pie. Free activities work great with enemy pie by derek munson the book nook enemy pie a year of many firsts. PRE-READING QUESTIONS 1. I love Enemy Pie! Check out the links to lesson plans, projects and activities created by teachers and the like.