“Sensory Treat” for kids with SPD and who have an Occupational Therapist

For optimal reduction of some sensory issues, you (The parent) and the young child with SPD. Should work with an Occupational therapist, and possibly a physical therapist too. I recently found a new app created buy OT’s, that is recommended obviously by occupational therapists to parents with young children in Sensory Integration Therapy, who are on a Sensory Diet. Those who are looking for an OT are more then welcome as well. However, the apple app hasn’t yet gotten there directory of OT’s available yet.

The app is free to download. The costs of the app, (which are not included in the Apple, App Store, description) required after your 1 week free trial, are 15$ for 3 months, 30$ for 6 months and 36$ for 12 months all rounded to the nearest dollar. The app has very limited access, on a free trial. I’ll let you check it out via the Apple App Store (or Google Play Store) for yourself, The various activity categories have one therapeutic activity, unlocked, each- during your trial. The categories are vestibular, oral, heavy work, jumping, deep pressure, and make your own. Except for the create your own category off course. However, on the trial you can only access one preset activity, that is the first one listed, in each category. So, even on a free trial you can’t see the full use capabilities of the app. I downloaded it for you all. But, obviously won’t be using it, or paying for it. So, I can’t really recommend it, just inform you of it’s presence.

In the Apple Store it’s called “Sensory Treat”, in the Google play App Store, it’s called, “Sensory Integration Therapy.”

If you know enough about SPD, or have read enough of this blog. You’d know the app above, isn’t covering all the areas those with Sensory issues may, and often, struggle with. This supports, that even OT’s don’t have all the answers either. However, I hope, with both the support from me (If you choose to accept it) , an OT, (If that’s an option for your child), and certain other professionals/ parents/ advocates/services. That in the future, all the areas will be covered and assisted to there max. Creating the healthiest, and happiest environment, for as many people, as possible.

If you use this app, after trying it for awhile I, and I’m sure, other readers would LOVE a review of it, ( good or bad, but, fair regardless) in the comments section below. Not just in the App Store of your choice.

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