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The upcoming films blog (of the Spectrum documentary) has some very good videos/ posts.  I haven’t seen all the videos on it. Nore have I read and remember all the interviews. And some are Vimeo video’s not utube based. But, a few, I saw before today. And I just saw many of the videos as well. There not ALL SPD related. And in this post (If at all) I’m not going to cover all of the videos I like on this blog page. But, the first video I believe it is, with the little boy is very good. Also, there’s a trailer of a family with an autistic son called Mabul (The Flood) it’s not in English nore available for US or Canadian DVD players. Only for DVD players from region 2, countries.  And I don’t believe it’s sub-titled in English either, the trailer wasn’t.  


 In my next post I’ll highlight one more video I liked a lot from this link. However, it will have a different link. 

Main blog for Spectrum, the Film page on tumblr

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