VS clearance and free Shipping!

Victoria Secret’s clearance sale online, and via catalog started today. The catalog is valid till August 15, 2015, however shop ASAP for top design and size availability.  They sell out fast with 40-75% off tons of merchandise.  Also, because all purchases get a Secret Rewards card, if you ask for one at checkout.  But, only till March 13th. That’s right! Free VS money with your order. And guess what? 11 pm-3 am starting tonight, -3 am Tom EST.  All 25$ and up orders get free regular free shipping. No special code needed(or reduce your expedited shipping cost (useful, esp if- you can only buy one but, aren’t sure of the right size). Remember, returns are free if you return any of the mag. And online purchases to your closest VS store. And they will outbound ship you for free, an outbound exchanged item. 

   If your not an educated shopper, only some of their merchandise is of good too great quality. But, if they had no more sensory friendly merchandise left (Of good or great quality) this post wouldn’t be here.  I checked, today. If your not on their mailing catalog list you need their clearance catalog and to get on their snail mail list ASAP, for their best prices.  But, mags are NOT slowly delivered. There online prices often don’t resemble there clearance (much better prices.) Of numerous items. In this case, I’d buy (they call it Shop) via online, and via catalog. But, order over the phone. They’ll still e-mail you a receit this way. 

  Some popular items. If you pay full price or a sale price the color and size you need maybe avail (Just not at the clearance price).

   They have other deals online. You can go check them out. 

    I’m an Angel VIP, so if you order over the phone, tell them Alexandrea one of their VIP Angel card holders sent you please. Thank you !  I get no payments or rewards for this post. And feel free to mention this blog too! 

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