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Have you heard Victoria’s Secret, an internationally famous female store, online and in there catalog are discontinuing many of their merchandise types? Due to sensory issues, and sizing, this might become a problem for me. Do you know how generous there clearance prices can be? To be honest, I was only going to mention VS and clothing in the book on Sensory issues I’m writing. And although I still will address this in the book in far more detail with other retail suggestions, ect. This forces me to talk a little about it now.   

   My latest purchase on there which is a repeat purchase (Which I highly recommend in there bone or black color especially. ) Is there VS skinny belt, that comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect sensory friendly belt!  Mine are all in black. It’s in there sale/ clearance section and is now discontinued. So, if you need one. Get it, before it’s gone. I have 3 now! 🙂 The bone color wasn’t avail. in my size. Once it went on clearance. 

   I’m somewhat saddened by this transition, because I’ve found VS to be pretty reliable to provide me with some of my clothing, and a belt. And I’m super picky when it comes to belts. And somewhat picky on clothing. And actually need and can wear low cut pant styles only. I also have a slightly long torso and slightly long arms, so the combo requires longer fitted tops, that are affordable and meet my other sensory requirements.  Not to mention, I’m an EX Small (Especially in tops) which is hard to find in other retailers. 




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