Who ELSE will benefit from My advice !

And the information I share. ANYONE. No seriously, once I get closer to my book being published, I will publish here or through my newsletter how international readers can buy non fresh groceries, and more importantly cosmetics, sun care items, and other merchandise, without ludicrous shipping expense to ANY WHERE in the world. And it won’t HAVE TO take forever to get there either.

If you read and take action on the things addressed in this blog, and in my newsletter you will SAVE tons of TIME, MONEY, and improve your health! Information is power! For both you, and those with complex high functioning special needs.

You will be happier. You will also be far more sensitive to, and aware of all those around you. You will very well might feel smarter. And just may, have a higher confidence too.

If your part of my subscriber list, or comment on my blog wisely, enough, and visit it regularly. You may also start to feel part of a caring intelligent community. If you haven’t already. One that I will try my best to customize to while staying on topic. And with my higher fluid intelligence, you might be surprised at my ability to relate what you may find as unusual things, otherwise, to a common sensory disability related topic. Does that make sense?

If you can’t currently subscribe. But, would like too, you will be able too soon, later this month. I promise. And I’ll love to have you added!

Take Care,